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The Centre d’Estudis per la Pau J.M. Delàs drives the study, research and popularization of all the elements involved in disarmament, military side of security, armed conflict, and peace culture. It is specially focused on the defence economy - known as the “military economic cycle”.

Military economic cycle elements:
•    Armies and military blocks.
•    Military budgets and projects of the Defence Ministry
•    Military research
•    Military industry, arms sales and exports
•    Purchases, imports and Spanish defence programs
•    Joint European production programs
•    Socioeconomic implications (companies connections and fusions)
•    Military-civilian industry conversion

Military side of security and armed conflicts

•    Professional armies
•    European defence
•    Military blocks (NATO, WEU)
•    Security structures (UN, OSCE, CSFP,
•    Armed conflicts

Peace culture proposals
•    Recover the pacifist thinking and action
•    Peace education
•    Non-violence alternative.
•    Peace movement