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Armed Banking

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logoBancaArmadaColor defThe JM Delàs Peace Studies Centre, SETEM, Justícia i Pau, RET, ODG (Observatory on Debt in Globalization), AA-MOC, FETS (fair and ethic funding) promote this initiative to raise awareness of and public condemnation for financial institutions which participate in the arms manufacture, industries which have damaging effects upon peoples and the towns where they live. We demand real respect on the part of financial institutions for human rights and the environment.

These organizations also spearhead and promote other sub-campaigns focused on condemning 5 of the worst investors in weaponry: BBVA, Banco Santander, Bankia, Caixabank, Banc Sabadell. As well as the initiatives Banca Limpia and the Cluster Munition Coalition.
The goal of the campaign is to inform and raise awareness in society to demand that Spanish financial institutions change their policies and end all relations to socially irresponsible industries, such as those which are detailed in this website.

For this reason, this initiative shows the depth and importance of the financial relationships between banks and companies which produce weapons, in order to identify those financial institutions which are responsible for unethical practices such as to profit from the manufacture and exportation of weaponry.

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