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Demilitarise education

Written by Centre Delàs on . Posted in Campanyes

Desmilitaritzem leducacio-roundWhy is this campaign important?

The participation of the armed forces in the classroom is another step towards the normalization of the army and its inclusion in educational spaces. Thus the culture of defense and militarism is encouraged, with the aim of improving the army's image and to encourage recruitment. The values transmitted by military institutions, such as obedience, discipline, patriarchic hierarchy and especially violence as a means of conflict resolution contradict the values of peace, dialogue and freedom that should be the basis of the education of our youth in this country. The principles of military contradict the values of democratic education: personal freedom, responsibility, solidarity, respect, equality, promotion of peace and respect for human rights. From the belief that the purpose of educational institutions and agents is to promote education for peace, human rights, respect, coexistence and dialogue, we believe that the army is not compatible with the principles that constitute a peaceful culture.

What is the Campaign

The Delàs Center, along with more than 40 entities linked to the promotion of peace and education, participates in this campaign denounced the army's presence in educational settings by collecting signatures, as well as spreading ideas through various social network forum and operations on the ground as well. Along with specific actions, Desmilitaricemos education works to form a network of organizations in which the culture of peace is promoted in schools.

What can you do?

Sign! So that Irene Rigau and Roser Soley withdraw the army’s presence in the classroom.

Participate! Annually a protest is organized in the same Salo de l'Ensenyament, where we stand in front of the Defense Ministry to ask the Armed Forces to remove their presence from schools.

Join us! Become a member of Delàs Center or become partner or volunteer to defend these and other causes that serve the promotion of a culture of peace and building an unarmed society.

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