Observatory on disarmament, arms trade, armed conflict and culture of peace
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Researchers and collaborators

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Centre Delàs consists of a group of 30 to 40 volunteers who carry out research, analysis and advocacy work and form the Delàs Center Working Group. This group is composed of researchers with extensive experience and expertise, a nucleus to which new additions are incorporated into the Working Group activities and trained by fellow members. The individual members of the Working Group share the objective of carrying out research on the issues of disarmament, militarism, peace, conflict, security and arms control.

You can find a brief CV of the permanent researchers details their experience and expertise below. If you would like to contact any of the permanent members for consultation or interview, it is better to address your queries to Centre Delàs through this form or the information address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or through our press center.


Researchers and collaborators

Gemma Amoros-rodonaGemma Amorós
Graduated in Anthropology and Master in Ethnographic Research and Anthropological Theory. He is a member of the Delàs Center, where he devotes himself to the study of militarism, the Armed Forces and the culture of defense.
  • Areas of research: armed forces 

Maria de Lluc-rodonaMaría de Lluc Bagur

Political Scientist and Social Worker. Master in World History at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with the dissertation "Ethnic conflicts in the 90s: the cases of Rwanda and Bosnia and Herzegovina".

  • Featured works: The incorporation of women into the Spanish army (Report by Centre Delàs, 2016), Mentes militarizadas (Icaria, 2016), Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), La política militar del gobierno Rajoy (Report by Centre Delàs, 2014).
  • Areas of research: armed forces, gender and militarism, education for peace, militarism, defence culture

Xavier Bohigas-rodonaXavier Bohigas 

PhD in Physics and Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He focuses his interests on nuclear weapons, military spending and the Spanish military operations abroad.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), Fraude e improvisación en el gasto militar (Centre Delàs, 2015), Riesgos y amenazas del arsenal nuclear (Icaria, 2014) y L'OTAN, una amenaça global (Icaria, 2010).
  • Areas of research: nuclear weapons, military industry R&D, military operations abroad

Pere Brunet-rodonaPere Brunet

Doctor and retired professor of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, where he has been teaching and supervising students for 45 years. Heis interested in the social implications of science and engineering and in the analysis of militarism and terrorism from a scientifically inspired perspective. He is a scientific disseminator and is interested in the applications of science in the field of peace. He has participated in the coordination of the GCOMS 2017 campaign. He is the author of the fractal blog (Ara).

  • Featured works: Mentes militarizadas (Icaria, 2016), Treinta preguntas sobre la OTAN (ICIP, 2016).
  • Areas of research: military expenditure, arms

Jordi Calvo-rodonaJordi Calvo 

PhD in peace, conflicts and development. Economist and peace culture, disarmament and defense economy researcher. Coordinator of the Centre Delàs and armed conflicts, defense economy and cooperation lecturer (UJI, URL, UOC). Member of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) board. Blogs: Crónicas Insumisas (Público) and Paz, en construcción (El País).

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), Banca Armada VS Banca Ética (Dharana, 2013), Atlas del militarismo en España (Centre Delàs, 2009) and Globalización capitalista neoliberal y movimientos antisistémicos (Deusto, 2011).
  • Areas of research: financing of arms, military expenditure, arms trading, peace & security, arms, armed conlicts

Blanca Camps-rodonaBlanca Camps-Ferrer 

Political Science Degree and Master in International Relations. Has worked in several Northern Africa and Middle East countries with human rights and social movements organizations. Currently working on her PhD and focusing her research on militarism in Northern Africa and Middle East. Associate professor in UAB.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), El militarismo en el Norte de África (Centre Delàs, 2014) and L'humor polític com a eina de confrontació contra el règim sirià (ICIP, 2012).
  • Areas of research: security & protection, gender, private military companies

Teresa de Fortuny-rodonaTeresa de Fortuny

Physics Degree and researcher of the Centre Delàs in the field of nuclear arsenal and military companies.

  • Featured works: She is co-author and co-editor of the book OTAN, una amenaça global (Icaria, 2010), co-author of the book Riesgos y amenazas del arsenal nuclear (Icaria, 2014) and co-author and coordinator of the book Trenta preguntes sobre l’OTAN, 30 anys després del referèndum, 2016.
  • Areas of research: nuclear weapons, military companies and EU military R&D

Tomas Gisbert-rodonaTomàs Gisbert  

Business Studies Degree and Centre Delàs researcher. He focuses on militarism and security and defense politics.

  • Featured works: L'OTAN, una amenaça global (Icaria, 2010), Els conflictes pel control de la terra. El cas dels agrocombustibles (Universitat de la Pau de Sant Cugat, 2009) and Atlas del militarismo en España 2009 (Icaria, 2009
  • Areas of research: armed forces, militarism

Jose Luis GordilloJosé Luis Gordillo 

PhD in Law and Philosophy of Law professor (UB). His research focuses on Western "counterterrorist" and "humanitarian" imperialism, pacifist thought and non violence as a tool for social change.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), Las sombras del sistema constitucional español (Trotta, 2003), El genocidio bosnio (Los Libros de la Catarata, 1996) and La objeción de conciencia (Paidós, 1993).
  • Areas of research: peace and security. armed conflicts, peace and nonviolence

Eduardo Melero-rodonaEduardo Melero

PhD in Law and administrative law professor in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His research field is the Spanish legislation applied to the military operations abroad and the arms trade in Africa.

  • Featured works: La Posición Común 2008/944/PESC sobre control de las exportaciones de tecnología y equipos militares: análisis crítico (Revista española de Derecho Europeo [34], 2010), La guerra de Afganistán: una guerra también contra el Derecho (El Cronista del Estado Social y Democrático de Derecho [9], 2010) and ¿Se han legalizado las 'guerras de agresión' en España? (Revista Vasca de Administración Pública [83], 2009).
  • Areas of research: arms trading, military operations 

Chloe-rodonaChloé Meulewaeter

Doctoral student in the Culture of Peace line in the PhD program of Social Sciences of the UGR, Master in Peace Studies, Conflicts and Development (UJI), specialized in social sciences research techniques (UCL, Belgium). Investigate the relationship between military spending and armed conflict.

  • Featured works: "Los dividendos de la paz: un estado de la cuestión" (Spheres: Revista de Ciencias Sociales, 2016). "Reflexiones sobre las violencias. ¿Contribuye el gasto militar a que haya violencia armada?" (UJI, 2015).
  • Areas of research: military expenditure, armed conflicts

Nora Miralles-rodonaNora Miralles

Journalist specialized in international analysis. Master in Gender, Conflict and Human Rights from Ulster University (Belfast) and researcher in the Terrorism and Gender and Militarism working groups of the Delàs Center. She has worked on women combatants and peace processes in Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Northern Ireland, Basque Country and Colombia.

  • Featured works: she has collaborated in the publications 'Dealing with the Past in Ireland: Where are the Women?' (Relatives for Justice, 2015) and 'Participate from Feminisms: Absences, Expulsions and Resistances' (Icaria, 2017) and is author of the thesis' The woman next door was a child-killer: Media Discourses where Female Combatants and their Reintegration In Colombia 'and the Delàs report:' Gender and Military Culture: lives, bodies and social control under war '. It is part of the Women 's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).
  • Areas of research: gender and militarism, armed conflicts, terrorism and war on terror


Xema MoyaXema Moya

Computer technician and coordinator of SIOF (Servicio de Información de la Objeción Fiscal al Gasto Militar - Information Service of the Tax Objection to Military Spending). Participated on anti-NATO and anti-militarist movements. His field of study is the tax objection to military spending.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015) and La insumisión fiscal (Revista Transversal).
  • Areas of research: objection to military taxation

Pere Ortega-rodonaPere Ortega

Contemporary History Degree and postgraduate in Public Finances (UB). President of the Centre Delàs d'Estudis per la Pau and Conflictology professor in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Former President of Federació Catalana d'ONG per la Pau (NGO Catalan Federation for Peace). Peace, nonviolence, disarmament and conflicts researcher. Blog: Crónicas Insumisas (Público).

  • Featured works: El Lobby de la industria militar española, 2015; Las violencias en América Latina, 2014; La societat noviolenta, 2012; Co-author: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme, 2015; Filosofía y praxis de la paz, 2013; La OTAN una amenaza global, 2010; Desconstruir la guerra, 2008; El militarismo en España, 2007; Noviolencia y transformación social, 2005; El ciclo armamentista en España, 2000. 
  • Areas of research: military expenditure, peace & security, military industry, arms and militarism, nonviolence


Alejando Pozo-rodonaAlejandro Pozo Marín

Peace, armed conflicts and disarmament researcher. PhD in peace and conflicts with a thesis on new wars and their global factors. Has worked as an armed conflict analyst and as humanitarian projects coordinator. Has carried out on the ground researches in several countries in war situations. He is a peace and armed conflicts professor in several courses and masters.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), Espanya-Israel. Relacions en matèria militar, armamentística i de Seguretat. Balanç i Tendències (Informe del Centre Delàs, 2010), Atlas del Militarismo en España (Icaria, 2009) and Noviolencia y Transformación Social (Icaria, 2005).
  • Areas of research: peace and security, arms trading, military operations, armed conflicts, humanitarian aid


Abel Riu-rodona1Abel Riu

Bachelor of Political Science from the UB and Master in Politics and International Studies from the University of Uppsala, with a specialization in Eurasian Studies. He has been a trainee researcher at the Spanish Consulate in Guangzhou and at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance in Stockholm. He is the author of the blog Eurasiacat and collaborator of the Centro Delàs.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015), Arabia Saudí y los bombardeos en el Yemen: La responsabilidad del Estado Español (Centre Delàs, 2016). Autor de la tesina "The Russian New Trends on Foreign and Security Policy: a Structuralist Approach" (2013)
  • Areas of research: military expenditure, arms trading, militarism


Ainhoa Ruiz-rodonaAinhoa Ruiz

Master in management of armed and social conflicts and doctoral student in Peace, conflicts and development in the UJI. She has worked in Colombia with young people from violent groups, has been an activist in Palestine and has been involved in schools in Peru. She has been a researcher at the Center Delàs d'Estudis per la Pau since 2014, where she also carries out the Desmilitaritzem l'Educació campaign and carries out infographics and graphic material.

  • Featured works: "Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme" (Icaria, 2015), "Mentes militarizadas" (Icaria, 2016), "Treinta preguntas sobre la OTAN" (ICIP, 2016). Es autora de varios artículos sobre conflictos y militarismo y miembro de varias campañas.
  • Areas of research: arms trading, education for peace

Eduardo Salvador-rodona1Eduardo Salvador 

Humanities and Economics Degree. Postgraduate Degree in Education, Peace and Psychology / Mental Health. Gestalt Therapist. Committee member of Human Rights of the European Gestalt Therapy Association (EAGT). Project collaborator to EAGT / IPB. Has worked in several Asia and Africa countries. Trainer for voluntary workers and election observers. Main areas of research: psychology and peace.

  • Featured works: Legislative Theatre, Art for Community Conflict Resolution (Journal of Conflictology [5]).
  • Areas of research: education for peace

Camino Simarro-rodonaCamino Simarro

Social educator and anthropologist. Her field of study is the Spanish military industry and arms trade. She collaborates as an activist and peace culture researcher with several organizations.

  • Featured works: Diccionario de la guerra, la paz y el desarme (Icaria, 2015) and El complejo militar-industrial (Centre Delàs report, 2012).
  • Areas of research: arms trading, education for peace


Edgard Vega-rodonaEdgard Vega

Professor of Social Sciences and Philosophy at Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Peru) and Master's Degree in International Studies in Peace, Conflict and Development at the Jaume I University (Castellón de la Plana). He has participated in socio-educational projects in Peru with groups at risk of exclusion and has coordinated workshops on education and communication for peace and conflict transformation for Syrian refugees in Turkey. He currently collaborates with the Center Delàs in various activities and campaigns in the Valencian Country and is a researcher on militarism, armed conflicts and peace.

  • Areas of research: arms trading, militarism

Judith JordaJudith Jordà Frias

Graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the UAB and in Anthropology from the University of Strasbourg, with the thesis "Born Palestinian, Growing as a Prisoner, Born Israeli, Growing Military." Postgraduate studies in African Culture and Societies, taught by the Center for African Studies.

Xavier MojalXavier Mojal
Graduated in International Business Economics (UPF) and Master in International Relations, Security and Development (UAB).

Specialized in MENA region, Turkey and Kurdistan.

Anna Montull-rodona

Anna Montull Garcia

Degree in Audiovisual Communication, postgraduate in Culture of Peace and Masters in International Relations, specializing in peace and security. She works at the Universitat Internacional de la Pau (Unipau) as a communicator and educator.
  • Línies d'investigació: educació per la pau

Pedro Paradís

Suport web a l'equip tècnic del Centre Delàs.

Ares-rodonaArés Perceval

Graduated in Arab and Hebrews Studies at the University of Barcelona (UB). Postgraduate studies in African Societies (CEA-UPF) and Master in International Relations (IBEI-UPF). She also collaborates with the Universitat internacional de la Pau (Unipau).

Elisenda-rodona2Elisenda Ribes

Graduate in History by the University of Barcelona (UB), Postgraduate in the UOC in Resolution of social and armed political conflicts, and Master of economic history in Sorbonne Paris IV.

Quique Sanchez Ochoa2Quique Sánchez Ochoa

Graduate in Political Science and Master in International Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. He is primarily involved in the field of human rights, working in various organizations and projects as a coordinator, trainer, activist and volunteer.


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