Observatory on disarmament, arms trade, armed conflict and culture of peace
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Quique Sánchez Ochoa

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Quique Sanchez Ochoa2

Graduate in Political Science and Master in International Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. He is primarily involved in the field of human rights, working in various organizations and projects as a coordinator, trainer, activist and volunteer.


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Estudiants practiques- 1Every year the Centro Delàs accepts interns from several Catalan universities, and also from the whole Spanish territory and from other countries, who are integrated into the research, communication, management and activism tasks of the institution. The center normally has around 4-8 students who join the technical team. The Delàs Center has established agreements to host students with practical experience with the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Jaume I University (UJI), University of Deusto, University of Lleida, , University of Alicante.

The Centro Delàs collaborates with Connect 1,2,3 and the CASB (Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona) offering internships for students from USA, Australia and Europe.

Regular volunteers and collaborators

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Voluntaries i collaboradores fixesThe Delàs Center has in its work team people who voluntarily want to work for peace and disarmament, and who eventually become permanent members of the center.

Currently there are between 30 and 40 members and volunteers who devote part of their time to the activities of the Delàs Center, in addition to the technical team and the trainees.

Maria Vázquez - Project officer

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Maria VazquezGraduated in Journalism and postgraduate in Human Rights. She has worked and collaborated in the press and communication field in different media and entities of the third catalan sector.


Pere Ortega - Researcher

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Pere OrtegaResearcher and analyst in the fields of culture of peace and disarmament, specialized in defense economics. President of the Delàs Center for Peace Studies; consultant professor of the Master Armed Conflicts of the Open University of Catalonia; former president of the Federation of NGOs for the Peace of Catalonia.

Author of several books: The Lobby of the Spanish military industry, 2015, Violence in Latin America, 2014; The Violent Society, 2012; Co-author among others: Dictionary of War, Peace and Disarmament, 2015; Philosophy and Praxis of Peace, 2013; NATO a global threat, 2010; Deconstructing the war, 2008; The militarism in Spain, 2007; Nonviolence and social transformation, 2005; The arms cycle in Spain, 2000.

Regular collaborator in various media and the blog: Insomnial Chronicles in Public: http://blogs.publico.es/cronicas-insumisas/

Nora Miralles - Project officer

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Nora MirallesJournalist specialized in international analysis. Master in Gender, Conflict and Human Rights from Ulster University (Belfast) and researcher in the Terrorism and Gender and Militarism working groups of the Delàs Center.

She has worked on women combatants and peace processes in Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Northern Ireland, Basque Country and Colombia. Publications: she has collaborated in the publications 'Dealing with the Past in Ireland: Where are the Women?' (Relatives for Justice, 2015) and 'Participate from Feminisms: Absences, Expulsions and Resistances' (Icaria, 2017) and is author of the thesis' The woman next door was a child-killer: Media Discourses where Female Combatants and their Reintegration In Colombia 'and the Delàs report:' Gender and Military Culture: lives, bodies and social control under war '. It is part of the Women 's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

Audrey Esnault - Project officer

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Audrey EsnaultDegree in Economic and Business Sciences, Postgraduate in International Cooperation and Master in Political Economy of Development.

10 years working as a project technician in organization in the field of human rights, global justice and culture of peace.

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