Observatory on disarmament, arms trade, armed conflict and culture of peace
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Security & Protection

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Seguretat i defensa

  • Monitoring and analysis of security and defense doctrines, threats to security, NATO, European Union and other global military bodies and institutions. Includes the proposal to safeguard the paradigm of protecting human security before that of military security.


Alejando Pozo-rodona  Alejandro Pozo       

Jose Luis Gordillo-rodona

José Luis Gordillo

Eduardo Melero-rodona

       Eduardo Melero    

Tomas Gisbert-rodona

     Tomàs Gisbert

Teresa de Fortuny-rodona

     Teresa de Fortuny     

Xavier Bohigas-rodona       Xavier Bohigas

Jordi Calvo-rodona

Jordi Calvo

Pere Ortega-rodona

Pere Ortega

Abel Riu-rodona1Abel Riu

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