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Financing of arms

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Among the activities of research, dissemination and advocacy carried out by the Delàs Center, the participation or promotion of campaigns of denunciation and demand in the area of ​​militarism, peace and disarmament is a key action to achieve our objectives. Regarding campaigns related to the financing of arms, the Delàs Center is involved in:

ARMED BANKINGBanca Armada-round

The objective of the campaign is to inform and sensitize society to demand that Spanish financial institutions change their policies and end all relationships with socially irresponsible companies. This initiative shows the importance of the relationships between banks and arms manufacturers.

STOP EXPLOSIVE INVESTMENTSStop inversions explosives-round

The aim of the campaign, which is in talks with the Defense Committee of the Congress of Spanish deputies, is to ensure that the new Spanish law on cluster bombs is expressly prohibited all funding of these weapons, both by The financial entities operating in Spanish territory, as well as Spanish entities with investments abroad.

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