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Jordi Calvo, coordinator of the Center for Peace Studies JM Delàs elected vice president of the International Peace Bureau

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IPB meeting in which Jordi Calvo was elected vice president /IPB-J.C.

At the meeting of the International Peace Bureau last October 3 in Berlin, after the conclusion of World Congress Disarm! For a Climate of Peace, Jordi Calvo, coordinator and researcher at the Centre Delàs, was named vice president of IPB.

Calvo is currently the coordinator of the Centre d'Estudis per la Pau JM Delàs and researcher on issues of peace, security and defense. He has been a member of the Board of IPB since 2013, first representing Justice and Peace i currently Delàs the Centre d'Estudis per la Pau. His vice presidency will among other objectives to increase the impact of work and campaigns of IPB, particularly Disarmament for Development (Disarmament for Development) and the Global Campaign on Military Spending, themes in which the Centre Delàs is one of the entities more experienced.

Founded in 1891, the IPB is dedicated to the vision of a world without war, promoting peace through the elimination of nuclear weapons, denouncing the arms trade and promoting disarmament, education and culture of peace . The management team comprises a total of 18 activists with experience in the field of disarmament, human rights, conflict, peace and development, among others.

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