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The researcher and Human Rights’ defender in the war in Yemen, Ali Jameel, visits different Catalan institutions

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20191218 AliJameel Mwatana DipuBcnThe Delàs Center for Peace Studies and other European organizations, in conjunction with the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Mwatana for Human Rights, have brought a case before the International Criminal Court, in order to demand responsibility from the authorities in charge of arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are leading the war coalition in Yemen.

As part of this complaint, on December 17th and 18th, the Delàs Center for Peace Studies invited Ali Jameel to Barcelona to visit different Catalan institutions and to raise awareness of the situation of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen.

20191218 AliJameel Mwatana FonsCatala

Ali Jameel is a human rights researcher and advocate for the Yemeni organization Mwatana for Human Rights, which documents and reports the violation of human rights in the war by all armed actors involved in the conflict.

In some of these meetings, Linde Bryk, ECCHR's legal advisor, also participated in the preparation of a report for the International Criminal Court.

In this way, Ali and Linde were able to make visits with David Minoves, director of the Catalan Cooperation Fund and Toni Royo, responsible for the Fund's Human Rights area. Ali Jameel, along with the President of the Delàs Center, Pere Ortega, also met with the director of the Barcelona Provincial Council, Antoni Montseny and the technician Núria Ferrés. Later, in collaboration with the coordinator of the Delàs Center, Jordi Calvo, Ali visited the director of the International Catalan Institute for Peace, Kristian Herbolzheimer, and with the Managing Director for Development Cooperation, Manel Vila.

20191218 AliJameel Mwatana ParlamentLater, a visit to the Parliament of Catalonia was made, where Ali was able to explain to representatives of Together for Catalonia, Republican Left, Catalonia in Common and Citizens, the case that has been brought to the CFI, the importance of this case and the importance of continuing to work in this direction, as well as the work of Mwatana and the situation of violations of International Humanitarian Law detected in the war.

Finally, Ali Jameel and Jordi Calvo were able to visit David Llistar, Director of Global Justice and International Cooperation Services of the Barcelona City Council.

The meetings have had a special impact on raising awareness about the situation of a conflict as serious as that of Yemen, in Catalan institutions, while at the same time explaining the details of the complaint filed with the ICB.

Ali Jameel's visit has been possible within the framework of a project of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation.

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