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Centro Delàs' Report: Saudi Arabia and bombings in Yemen: the responsibilities of the Spanish State

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Portada ArabiaSaudi informe2016 englishSaudi Arabia and bombings in Yemen: the responsibilities of the Spanish State

Facing the civil war in Yemen and the active participation of Saudi Arabia to it, the Delas Center considers necessary to analyze the role of the Spanish government in this conflict through weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, in order to elucidate its possible responsibilities. This document analyzes briefly the Yemen context, the violations of International Right and International Humanitarian Right perpetrated by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia as well as the Spanish contribution to the war through arms sales and cooperation agreements with Saudis authorities. The document presents, as well, various political recommendations to the Spanish and European authorities.

Authors: Abel Rium Ainhoa Ruiz, Tica Font and Camino Simarro

You can download the report in EnglishCastellano and Catalán

Tags: Conflictes armats, terrorisme i GcT Comerç armes Terrorisme

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